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Can you work from home?

Although it is not necessarily an option you want to consider permanently, the ability to work from home on occasion can be extremely useful!  Those of us working in Central London may have already heard that there will be several ‘travel hotspots’ during the Olympic games.  With many people attending the London Olympics travelling in from the suburbs, commuters are faced with busier trains and congested stations.  To combat this, Transport for London are suggesting that employers offer either flexible hours, or the chance to work remotely.

On the condition that you have a decent internet connection at home, working remotely can be easily achieved.  Remote Desktop can allow you to work from your office computer and meetings can be easily arranged via Outlook calendar for when you return.

What can put some people off working remotely is not being able to stay in contact with the office, or more importantly not being contactable.  If you set up a VoIP phone system (Voice Over IP), you can create a phone line in your own home as an extension of your office phone.  With VoIP, you can use your home internet connection to connect with the office.  If a client calls you, they will have no idea you are working from home, this means that even when you are in your own environment you can maintain a level of professionalism.

Of course, we are forgetting the main benefit of working remotely! No hot trains, the chance to spend more time with your family and a lunch break spent sunbathing in your garden!

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