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Argh My Internet Isn’t Working!!

I am writing this on the assumption that your internet IS currently working!  This is intended to be an introduction to what to do when you realise your internet isn’t working!

Before you rush to your phone to call us at ITPLUS, there are several things we would ask you to check first.

1) Try closing your web browser and re-opening.

2) Turn off your computer, check all the cables are inserted correctly, turn back on.

3) Turn off your router and leave it for 30 minutes to reset.  Then turn it back on.

4) If you have other devices connected to the same internet connection, check whether or not these are able to connect.

5) If you are running wirelessly on Apple, try turning AirPort off and back on again.

If none of the above solutions help at all, please call us at ITPLUS. We can help by discussing any issues you have.  If your internet is provided by us we can help by contacting your ISP to find out if there is a registered fault on the line.

Next week I will be discussing the limitations of your ADSL connections, what to expect in terms of service level, and what happens when things go wrong!


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