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How To Know When To Upgrade

Here at ITPLUS one of the most common questions we hear is about when to upgrade a computer.  The truth is, computers are quite good at giving us gentle (or not so gentle) hints as to when they are getting a little tired.  Most of us will have experienced some, if not all of these and know how frustrating they can be.  However the joy of switching on a newly upgraded computer that works in the right way, straight away is unbeatable.

If you find yourself getting frustrated at your computer running slowly, crashing, needing to be restarted due to ‘hanging’, you are experiencing first hand the signs of a computer that is in desperate need of updating.  Perhaps programs are taking too long to load, or certain functions are not working, perhaps you are having trouble installing the programs in the first place!  Sometimes you can hear the hard drive working so hard but see very little as a result.  These are some of the ways your computer will tell you its time to upgrade.

However there are other reasons to update your machine!  Sometimes your computer may be running perfectly well but you wish to install a new piece of software.  In order to run certain programs, there is often a set of minimum system requirements, failure to update to the specified level may result in the program not functioning properly.  A perfect example of updating before there is a problem would be in the case of new operating systems.  With the release of Windows 8 just a matter of months away, it is a perfect time to prepare your computer to run it.

So what is the best way to update your computer?  The good news is, depending on the problem and depending on how old your machine is, you do not always need to start from scratch.  Some problems can be rectified simply by purchasing additional memory.  For older machines that have had very little done in a long time, it may be more cost-effective to start again.  As technology changes so quickly, things that were extremely expensive a couple of years ago have become the ‘norm’ and thus much more affordable.  Getting a quote for a brand new PC with better specifications may not be as expensive as you expect.  Here at ITPLUS we are happy to discuss what specifications you need, meaning we can create a machine that is right for you.


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