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Here at ITPLUS we enjoy sharing our knowledge of commonly used programs.  We believe this will help you to improve your existing skills, making your working life that little bit easier!  The topic of today is adding a watermark to a Microsoft Word document!  Adding a watermark to a document can be very useful, particularly when printing off drafts.  You can either use plain text or add a logo or other image.  This will appear across the text without altering its readability.


To start off you will need to be in Print Layout or Normal view in the Word document.  From the Page Layout tab click onto Watermark.  A drop down box will appear with some templates to choose from.


However, if you want to create your own text it is easily done by selecting Custom Watermark from the drop down box, then selecting Text Watermark.  In the space next to Text you can enter in your own text.  You will see that you can change the appearance of the text too.  Once you are happy with your choice click on OK.


You may prefer to add a logo or image instead of text.  Click onto Picture Watermark and then Select Picture button.



Locate the image that you want to use and double click to insert.  Keep the tick in the Washout box to ensure that the image is faded (otherwise it may obscure the text).  You can keep the scale of the image as auto or click into the scale box & set your own size.  Once you are happy with your choice click on OK.

The finished product should look like this:

To remove a watermark click on the Page Layout tab, then onto Watermark and then select Remove.



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