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Hosted Exchange with ITPLUS

At ITPlus we offer Hosted Exchange, a cost-effective way for small companies (up to 4 users) to enable employees to work seamlessly and efficiently from smartphones, tablets, and computers.  Often when faced with price-plans it is easy to feel that having an on-premise Exchange server is an easier option.  However when the costs are laid down it is clear to see that the hosted model offers much better value for money.


Hosted Exchange with ITPLUS allows you to work across all the platforms you might use, accessing your emails, contacts and calendars.  In addition to this, Hosted Exchange with ITPLUS offers ‘real-time’ sync and ‘push’ email services for iphones and ipads, allowing you to receive the information you need as quickly as possible.  We also offer an Outlook web app for secure ‘anywhere’ access, with many plans offering a secure instant messaging system with up to 2GB of sharepoint folders.


The benefits of exchange hosting do not end there.  Securely backing up Outlook can be a lifesaver when things go wrong, and with some plans offering up to 2GB of Outlook backup per exchange user, you can actively take steps to protect yourself.  Exchange hosting can also offer up to 2GB of PC backup as well as offering a virus stopper and a spam stopper service thrown in for good measure.


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