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‘My email addresses have disappeared!’ 


This statement crops up now and again when the email Autofill stops working.


It’s a common misconception that the email address must be stored in your Office Contacts folder because it pops up when you start typing.  Unfortunately this is not the case.


A growing number of people use the Autofill feature as a contact list and then become frustrated when they try to use the addresses elsewhere only to find that they are not stored in a usable form anywhere.  This can be a problem when you are working remotely or from a smart phone.



It is very easy to add an email address to your MS Office contact list.  When you open an email just ‘right click’ on the ‘from’ address and you will see the option to ‘save to contacts’.  Select that option & save the details in the contact page that appears on the screen. Tip: ‘File as’ uses a default surname, first name format as default but you can change

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