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Windows 8

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

As many of you may have seen, Microsoft have hinted at a release date for Windows 8 in Autumn 2012.

Windows 8 has been built around the successful Windows 7, with a faster and more reliable service.  It has enhanced features for touchscreen computers and devices, allowing developers to create apps that can be purchased from the Windows store.

This can easily be seen from the introduction of the ‘metro’ style layout.  The design is very different from any of the previous Windows Operating Systems, the use of icons immediately resembles touchscreen devices such as the windows phone or the interface for the Xbox.  The metro style is tile based, so each different tile or icon has a different application.  With the majority of people owning either a smart phone or games console, although the metro style is very different, it will not take long for users to grow accustomed to it.

In addition to this the start button is no longer displayed on the taskbar, however staying true to original operating systems, clicking on the bottom left where the start used to be will still load the start screen.  In addition to this, the consumer preview also comes with Internet Explorer 10 included.

With the new Windows 8, you are able to log in using your Windows Live ID, offering more support for its cloud service, helping you to connect with people and the multiple computers and phones you use.  This will help to streamline work and ease accessibility wherever you are.

In terms of compatibility with other software, Windows 8 is said to be compatible with most programs, and once the app store developers have had fun designing, there will be an even greater range of applications available to download.

If you cannot wait until the official release date you can download a consumer preview from the Microsoft website:

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